Frequently asked questions

Here you will find support material for all of your Mezzod services.

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What do I do if I found a bug or have other questions about Mezzod?

If you think you've found an issue or have any other questions not covered here, please email us at . Please keep in mind that our current team is quite small and we'll do our very best to get back to you ASAP.

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Mezzod is GDPR Compliance

Mezzod ensures that employees are aware of this information, and trained in how the GDPR works, and what it means for the way the company deals with data. This level of awareness and training is required as part of a company's compliance with the GDPR. And of course, the way we inform, request and collect this data, follows this new framework law.

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Can I register anonymously?

No!. Although this is something we initially considered, we need to know who we are dealing with if we are to offer the absolute best when we work with you.

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Beta version

No shocker here: One of the biggest challenges is providing a stable version that fits with your needs and we're in the right way. We are still beta testing. Feedback is very important to us to make sure we continue to improve and get things right for you.

Doesn't matter if you are an expert or a user, please contact us to share your question or concern and will endeavour to come back to you with an answer as soon as we possibly can.

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How many people are your experts advising at any point in time?

The answer is that it depends; some may only have capacity to manage one person whereas others may be working with 3-5 people at the same time. MEZZOD is not a platform driven by volume but quality. We want every person to feel unique and for this reason our experts will always chose to have few connections but bring high intensity and insight to their engagements.

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The matching tool is proposing 2-3 experts, but I want to work with someone else. Is this possible?

Yes it is; at the time of developing our platform we thought it’d be helpful if we could recommend from our pool experts the “ideal” 2-3 that you should at least consider and think about. But of course the decision will always be yours and you can make contact with any expert you want.

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So, what's the difference with Head-hunting?

For a start, you are the main character of the story. It's all about you, not landing you in a role.

Our experts are an objective agent in the sense they will not land a big fee for placing you anywhere. This puts them in a privileged position: they can ask questions and bring a very balanced perspective. They are also there to cover a range of topics with you, not just discuss a new role. It's a more holistic approach to career advise/management if that makes sense.

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What is our core proposition?

Mezzod is a platform that leverages the power of data and human intervention (the later in the form of Experts) to help you make superior career choices: should you go for that promotion?; is this the time to change employers?; should you quit and start your own business? Our experts can provide first-hand experience how to go about things.

We spend a significant amount of time at work. We have the obligation to get it as right as we possibly can. Our experts are there to help re-connect with your inner potential and equip you to make better career decisions.

Mezzod is not a job board, an executive search firm or the place to get life coaching.

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Who is behind Mezzod?

It all started about 10 years ago. In a bar in Barcelona, over a coffee, one of the now co-founders learnt that one of his best friends accepted a job offer and would be changing companies. She was very excited, she landed a 15% base increase. A few months later, that same person was in tears. She was extremely unhappy in her role, didn't like the business and her boss (…). All for a 15% increase. She never spoke to anyone before making such move.

The story repeats. Over and over. This is because, among other things, the labour market is imperfect, with the balance of power unevenly distributed and imperfect information to make decisions. Having a compass, or a navigator, is what can guarantee your best chances of success. This is the role our experts play.

To address this gap in the market two brothers got their brains and networks at work to build a first beta platform of MEZZOD.