We connect those who “have been there” with talented people in your company that you want to "get there". All our Experts are people we know and have worked with in a professional capacity or are recommended by current Mezzod Experts. They are current and former C-Suite Business Professionals (CEO, CFO, CHRO, CTO, etc.) across a wide range of industries and geographies who - through Mezzod - share their experiences and advice with highly motivated professionals who are keen on learning from them.

See some anonymized examples below:

Peter K.

Currently Senior Executive Advisor

Previously: CEO

Experience in the Energy industry

Languages: English, German, Italian

Expertise: CEO Transition, Transformational Change Leadership, Professional Transformation

Residence: Germany

Lisa F.

Currently Non-Executive Director

Previously: Chief Technology Officer

Experience in Oil and Chemicals Industry

Languages: English, French, Dutch

Expertise: CTO Transition, R&D Leadership, Professional Transformation, Diversity

Residence: The Netherlands

Alan R.

Currently CFO

Previously: Management Consultant

Experience in the Food and Travel industry

Languages: English, French

Expertise: CFO Transition, PMO Leadership, Professional Transformation.

Residence: U.K

Decide when and how

As career advisor you decide when and who to talk to.

Mezzod calendar
1. Set your own schedule

You're in charge. You can talk to users when your calendar allows. Make sure your schedule is updated in our platform so people can book a session with you.

Mezzod money
2. Flexible Rates

The end users will pay what you stipulate in the price of the video session. There's no limit and you can manage it at any time through your control panel.

Mezzod Guide
3. Let the platform guide you

Our dashboard will tell how many people want to talk to you. You are free to decide if you want to engage. We provide webmail integrated and integrated calendar to maker your life easier.

Mezzod money
4. Make money on your terms

The more you help users, the more you can earn. Money isn't the main driver for Experts to join Mezzod but making a few bucks in exchange for your time seems right.

Mezzod Guide
5. Rate the experience

At the end of each session, the system will ask you how you went and ask for an assessment. The more positive is better for you.

Decide who you are

As a top notch expert, you can be part of...

Business Expert

They have been where you are at the moment. They faced some the questions, dilemmas and challenges you are confronted with at the moment. With the hindsight of experience and their “lessons that they learnt”, they can make a difference to your decision making process

Career Coaches

While they may not know your industry or held jobs in industry, their expertise  working and coaching senior professionals allows them to have the perspective and objectivity to stretch your thinking and imagination. All coaches are certified and specialise and helping people reach their professional dreams while striking the right personal balance.